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hi-Tube - Dock Speaker




hi-Tube is small and light and it is the coolest portable stereo speaker that exists. It is compatible with all Apple devices with 30-pin dock connector and with any devices equipped with 3.5mm universal jack.
hi-Tube is designed to always be carried with you! It is very light because it is made in aluminium and easy to bring anywhere - on vacation, at the pool, traveling with friends. You can create your own portable stereo station by connecting Apple devices equipped with 30-pin dock connectors or media players with universal 3.5mm jack (PC, smartphone, mp3 player, cd player...). hi-Tube works with four penlight batteries or via USB cable. It will always be with you, in your bag or backpack, for live music where you want and with whoever you want!


Output power: RMS 4W 2W * 2
Frequency response: 150-18000HZ
Distortion: 80dB
Input: universal 3.5 mm stereo jack
Power supply: 5v/1000ma by 4 AAA batteries or USB cable
Material: Aluminum
Volume Control


With iPhone family, iPod family (charging function with iPhone and iPod with input Lightning works only trough adapter, not included), and every music source through universal jack 3,5 mm.


  • hi-Tube
  • Audio cable
  • Charging cable