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hi-Glove Classic - Touch Capacitive Gloves




hi-Glove Classic are warm gloves that allow you to use all your touch screen devices without ever taking them off thanks to the conductive material on the fingertips.
With hi-Glove Classic for touch screen devices, you no longer have to fear the cold in winter!
Warm and comfortable, these gloves allow you to use your mobile touch scren devices (smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, ...) without removing them because they are made with a special washable fabric with conductive technology.
hi-Glove Classic is available in the most neutral colors; exist in two sizes, man and women.
Choose the one that best matches the style that represents you!


Sizes: men and women
Composition: 85% acrylic, 12% polyester, 1% elastane, 1% metal fiber, 1% other fibers


With every touchscreen device.


  • hi-Glove Classic