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hi-Charger3 - Emergency Charger




hi-Charger3 is a pocket size reserve of energy that you can take with you to never risk running out of battery: it is compatible with most of the rechargeable electronic devices.
Designed so you do not ever run out of battery, hi-Charger3 is essential to recharge your devices whenever you do not have an available power outlet. It ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ’s a portable charger that allows you to connect and charge any device with a MiniUSB, MicroUSB and Nokia connector. In turn, when exhaust, hi-Charger3 is recharged via the USB port in less than three hours, you will realize that it is time to replenish your supply of energy thanks to the LED charge level indicators of hi-Charger3.


Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 13mm
Weight: 53gr
Battery Capacity: 1700mAh Li-lo with overload protection
Input: DC 5.0V - 1A max microUSB plug
Output: DC 5.0V - 1A max USB plug
Average charging time: 2 hours


With iPhone family, iPad family, iPod family, Blackberry family and most of mobile phones, thanks to their included adaptators.


  • hi-Charger3
  • Cable
  • Nokia Adaptor
  • MicroUSB Adaptor
  • MiniUSB Adaptor