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hi-String - Fabric Earphones




hi-String is the original headset designed with the innovative and unusual shape of a pair of strings with cables entirely made of fabric!
With hi-String you can enjoy the best audio quality while listening to your music and making phones calls to your friends: the BBS technology (Bass Boost System) gives you the very best sound thanks to the bass enhancement and a perfect isolation from outside noises. Volume control, microphone and multifunction button are integrated into the shuffle controller so as to be able to select music tracks and manage your calls in a "hands free" way. Enjoy your music with hi-String: connect them to your music player and get the most out of your playlists with a touch urban style!


Battery: standby time up to 10 days, up to 12 hours
Charging time: 30 minutes
Range: 10 meters (30 meters outdoors)
Weight: 60g
Dimensions: 7x4,5x2cm
built-in microphone


With iPhone, iPod & iPad family, a lot of mobile phones and every music source through universal jack 3,5 mm.


  • hi-String
  • 3 pairs of rubber pads of different sizes