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hi-Ring - Handset




hi-Ring is the vintage telephone handset that brings you back to the colorful mood of the 60s every time you have an incoming call!
hi-Ring works just like a wireless headset: connect it to your device (smartphone, tablet, pc etc etc) via the universal 3.5mm jack and use it as a traditional handset equipped with integrated answer / end call buttons.
The standard size measure is 24cm and it is available in nine smart and cheerful colors. While using it, you will reduce up to 99% your exposure to electromagnetic radiations generated during a telephone conversation. Choose the color that you like the most and enjoy the soft touch coating: your phone calls will have another charm with hi-Ring!


Do not require batteries
Answer / end call button*
Interference reduction system
Length: 24cm
* Not supported by all mobile phone models


Apple: all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and MacPro
Samsung: Galaxy S2
Blackberry: from second generation onwards
Nokia: Lumia


  • hi-Ring
  • User manual