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hi-Earphones Flat - Flat Cord Earphones




hi-Ear Earphones are designed to provide a perfect sound quality and designed according to a minimalist style to guarantee the maximum comfort of use thanks to the flat cables.
hi-Earphones are designed to combine quality and convenience in a pair of headphones and innovative technology. The sound is crisp and clear, perfectly isolated from outside noise even when the volume is low. The BBS (Bass Boost System) improves the quality of sound, enhancing the low and allows you to listen to your tracks and make calls in any environment. the controls are built into the controller equipped with a microphone and multifunction button, thus allowing you to select music tracks and manage your calls in a "handsfree". Furthermore, because of the flat shape of the cables, hi-Earphones are designed to eliminate the nuisance of the nodes that form each time the put away after use.


Speaker: 10mm
Impedance: 32Ω
Rated input power: 1mW
Max input power: 3 mW
Plug type: 3.5mm


With the iPhone, iPod & amp; iPad family, many mobile phones and every music, through universal jack 3,5 mm.

What's inside

  • hi-Earphones flat
  • 3 pairs of pads of different size