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Hi-Call Leather - Bluetooth Talking Glove




hi-Call Leather is the essential accessory for those who love to surprise you with the most innovative technology and never give up refinement and elegance, even when talking on the phone!
hi-Fun presents the evolution of hi-Call in fine leather and finished. The glove Bluetooth phone turns into a real "must-have" for the winter. The technology does not change, as well as functions: it goes to your smartphone via Bluetooth, vibrates to alert you whenever you receive a phone call and lets you talk through your fingers through microphone and headset invisible integrated in the same.

Perfect for the most demanding in terms of style, which is essential to feel the cold and unique, just like the original!


Connection: Bluetooth
Battery: Standby up to 10 days; Talk time up to 20 hours
Range: 12m
Composition: genuine leather
Reload: via micro USB cable;
charging time 30 minutes

* DE Patent Nr. 202013105192.6. *
* HK Patent Nr. 13107855.4 *
* CN Patent Nr. 201,320,305,281.2 *
* EU Design Patent Nr. 002134403-0001 *
* US Patent No. design. USd703,636s *
* CN Patent design Nr. 201,330,168,077.6 *


With all the phones and smartphones equipped with Bluetooth technology.

What's inside

  • hi-Call leather
  • Cable MicroUSB
  • Manual