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Hi-Call - Bluetooth Talking Glove




hi-Call: the first, unique and inimitable glove Bluetooth that connects to your phone allowing you to call like you never did before!
hi-Call is a glove that will let you use your hand like a telephone receiver, through the microphone and headset sewn internally at the tip of the little finger and thumb of the left glove.
The buttons on the back allow you to answer or end calls without having to remove it or use the keyboard of your phone. In addition, hi-Call vibrates warning you whenever someone calls you!
You can use it when you do sport, in the mountains, while walking and in any situation where you do not want to suffer the cold.


Connection: Bluetooth
Battery: Standby up to 10 days; Talk time up to 20 hours
Range: 12m
Composition: 95% polyacrylonitrile,
3% cotton, 2% polyester
Reload: via micro USB cable;
charging time 30 minutes

* DE Patent Nr. 202013105192.6. *
* HK Patent Nr. 13107855.4 *
* CN Patent Nr. 201,320,305,281.2 *
* EU Design Patent Nr. 002134403-0001 *
* US Patent No. design. USd703,636s * * CN Patent design Nr. 201,330,168,077.6 *


With all the phones and smartphones equipped with Bluetooth technology.

What's inside

  • hi-Call
  • Cable MicroUSB
  • Manual